Booking Fee

Booking fees are payable at the time of booking. 

Your booking cannot be secured without the fee being paid.

The booking fee covers the cost of the photoshoot an is none refundable.

In certain circumstance this fee can be transferred to a different date. Please message us directly.

Paying for my Photos

Once you have viewed your photos and want to proceed with the purchase you can make your payment either by:


2- PayPal

You will then receive digital copies of your photos.

There will be two different sets of files, one will be an easy to use j.peg file of your images. The other will be a high resolution digital image for you to use for high quality printed images and enlargements.

You will also receive a release of copyright letter which will allow you to use the images for whatever purpose you wish.


With a family shoot, you may be offered the opportunity to purchase extra photos. You will see these when you login to your preview and you can select "extra photos" option in the payments section.

If you wish to include another sibling on your club shoot booking, then you can select this option in the payments section. This payment must be paid in conjunction with the booking fee.

Final Payment For Swim Club Shoot

One Image

Two Images

Final Payment For Private Shoots 

£50 Booking Fee

Three Images

Final Payment For Studio Shoot