About Us...

We know and understand how difficult it can be to work with babies and children. As sisters with a huge family we have always ended up babysitting for other family members whenever and wherever is necessary, so in that aspect we have countless years worth of experience. However, we also know that as parents yourselves, you want some more added assurance that we are good at working with kids and that they will have as much fun as possible during the time that you are with us for your shoot!

Emily (the older sister) has been a respite carer for the past 2 years for a foster family which she has loved doing. Along side this she has worked as a photographer for the past 6 years, even while she was studying at university to get her Bachelors degree in photography at world renown London College of Arts. Overall she has worked with numerous families over the years and has only improved at giving them the best experience that she can. 

On the other hand, Victoria (the better sister!) has been qualified as a swimming teacher for the last 2 years, and ran her own business for a while, wherein she worked with both children and adults alike. She is also a fully qualified Rescue Diver, certified in emergency first aid, working her way to becoming a Dive Master.

Together we strive to make Lilly Pics a welcoming but efficient business, whilst also ensuring that you get the best quality service for the price that you pay.

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